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Bespoke Community Development Trust is a community owned company set up in September 2011 to promote the sustainable development of outdoor leisure and recreational facilities in the Falkirk area.


The company is owned by its members with membership made up of local people with an interest in access to the outdoors in the Falkirk area.  BeSpoke is committed to working in partnership with others and developing an ethos of consensus and mutual respect.  Any individual who is committed to uphold and promote the aims and objectives of the company and share in its core values may apply to become a member.  Click here for a membership application form.


The work of Bespoke will be driven by the business plan which has been adopted following consultation with the membership. During the initial stages of the company the focus will be primarily on the paths and tracks on the south side of Falkirk and developing a working partnership with Callendar Estate who has an extensive path network including a network of single track cycle trails   The agreed business plan themes are as follows:


  • Trail management and maintenance – working with Callendar Estate, farmers  and other landowners to ensure that the cycle trails and other paths remain fit for purpose.  A key part of this will be regular monitoring and routine maintenance work, much of which can be carried out by volunteers.
  • Network development – focusing primarily on opportunities to develop multi-use links to the trail network, eg developing a link to the Helix Project.  This theme could in time look at linking opportunities elsewhere in the Falkirk area.
  • Communication and marketing – focusing on the development of a website and also working with Callendar Estate and other agencies on leaflets, orientation boards etc.  This theme might also include the running of an annual event or more regular events involving the path network.
  • Skills development-Active Schools – this area would focus on working with schools and other clubs and could involve other opportunities such as mountain bike/walking leadership either directly or working in conjunction with other organisations such as Falkirk Walking Forum, school mountain bike clubs etc.
  • Trail development and enhancement – this would focus primarily on the cycle trails and look at opportunities for developing technical trail features and additional trail loops either through volunteering or as a funded contract.
  • Community Wind Energy Project – to investigate the feasibility of developing an appropriately scaled wind energy project which would secure a long term source of revenue for the company.
  • Biodiversity – to explore opportunities to enhance, protect and celebrate biodiversity in the Falkirk area.
  • Community art/media culture – to explore social/historic/natural heritage of the area and opportunities to celebrate this through art work, photography, etc.

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